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For Your Best And Highest Good

  Beyond The Body: Radiant Health and Wellbeing Teleseminar September 5, 12, 19 & 26, 2012 If you are sitting on the fence and haven't decided to join us (and a wonderful group of health-conscious releasers from around the world) on this four consecutive week Teleseminar…perhaps these words of encouragement (and explanation) will help: Haven't been on a teleseminar before, and don't know what to expect?  Well, rest assured, you don't have to say a word if you choose not to, but if you do, know that your privacy and anonymity will be respected. We don't 'call on' any participants and won't use their name, unless they identify themselves by name first. So, you can sit back and release while another is working, or while we are guiding the group through a release on […]

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Beyond The Body

    Beyond The Body: Radiant Health and Wellbeing Teleseminar   here's a belief that we hold that is so limiting, so confining, yet so familiar, and seemingly so all-pervasive, that we are usually unaware of it (as a belief) and automatically live our lives in accordance with it. That belief, simply put, is the one that we strongly identify with: 'I am the body; the body is me'. We cut off from our true essence…life itself.   But have you ever taken the time to examine that belief, to actually check it out? I don't mean an in depth, scientific look, complete with data and a 'case history', but rather an inner exploration. That's some of what we'll be doing during the four consecutive […]

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