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More ‘Road Trips Releasing Tips’ Comments!

"I am LOVING your Letting Go videos; so positive and encouraging and playful." Vanessa M., Durango Colorado If you haven't opted in to receive our "Road Trip Releasing Tips", we invite you to…whether you are a "newbie' to The Sedona Method or a longtime releaser, our tips have a bit of something for everyone….plus they are free! Enjoy!

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Road Trip Releasing Tip Revelation: Releasing IS Natural!

This acknowledgement and thank you came in not too long ago from Evie in Scotland, a recipient of our Road Trip Releasing Tips video series… A Big Thank You  Hi everyone and especially Tim and Annrika, A wee while ago I signed up to get email newsletters from Annrika and Tim. These contain videos of either Annrika or Tim giving some tips on releasing. In a recent one Tim gives some tips for newbies. I'm not a newbie, on this forum I'm a big talker, in fact,  but I found this tip to be just what I needed. Tim talks about how The Sedona Method is easy. I can't say I've always found it that way. He goes on to say that it's natural, that […]

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A good time to release?

One thing about life, it's always providing us with great opportunities to let go! And one of the beautiful things about releasing is that it is something you can do before (a situation), during (in the midst of the situation) or after (cleaning up the situation or encounter)…in your car or train on the way home…or once at home, sitting quietly, just reviewing your day… Releasing before, during and after…all are a good time to release…you just can't miss!

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Get into action…

One of the key things re. releasing on a goal is, once you've 'cleared the field' and let go of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are in opposition to your achieving it, is to get into action. Lester used to say,"Go into action; get into action. Any action, even the 'wrong' action, is better than no action at all!"   Sure, you might be hootless about the whole thing…great…that's a wonderful place to get into action from!

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Letting Go is like Dancing…”>Matt

  Letting Go is like Dancing… freeing (and powerful)  by yourself, but even more freeing (and more powerful) when others join in! Remember Matt, the young guy whose YouTube video was viewed by zillions of people as he went around the world and spontaneously danced with people? Uplifting and alive, the video went from scenes of him dancing solo in front of familiar postcard spots to him being joined by others, sometimes crowds of others, adults and children, all dancing together as a group in a variety of locations: streets and alleys, parks and bridges, jungle and forest, mountains and valleys….  I was struck when I recently viewed the video again, how releasing is like that video…First, you start out by yourself, perhaps a bit tentative […]

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Our New Website launch is today!

Hello Everyone, We are pleased and excited to announce the launch of our new website at: This website reflects many hours of dedication on our part as well as the part of our talented designers. Besides being skilled at what they do, they are both supportive of The Sedona Method and getting it out to the world.  So, we invite you to visit the site, view our beautiful new Home page video…and go to our Free Gift link for our ongoing series of Road Trip Releasing Tips… We're coming to London in November for our Beyond Letting Go: Ultimate Wellbeing Seminar. Annrika brought the first Sedona Method Seminar to England in 1983…now bringing the simplicity of The Method as it is today accomplishes what […]

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