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The Sedona Method & bringing it to Ghana & Beyond!

Tim McCavitt and Samuel Sarpong talk about The Sedona Method & bringing it to Ghana & Beyond!

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Annrika James & Shoval Aloni share The Sedona Method & Coaching

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Gains from “Living Letting Go” Workshop in Tucson AZ

Gains from 'Living Letting Go' Tucson, October 9th & 10th, 2010: "What I got out of the workshop: 'I rescued myself from me', dropped old beliefs, past issues, ideas that make me feel down. Now I feel WONDERFUL, happier, brighter, more alive in harmony with the world and what surrounds me. Thank you Annie and Tim, you got me back; this weekend has been amazing for me!" Carla Laguna, Tucson "I've done more releasing here in a concentrated way than all the time since I've started. More in-depth, too. I feel different–changed. Calmer and more centered. I know more than ever that this is the way for me to go. This is the most comfortable being a part of a group that I have ever […]

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