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What is meant by Hootlessness?   This was a term coined by Lester based on the phrase "don't give a hoot!".  It implies a state a neutrality where we are totally OK whether or not we accomplish (have, be or do) something.  There's no attachment or aversion to a specific outcome.   This is an effortless, powerful state to explore through releasing.  We invite you to dive into the core of awareness and discover the Hootlessness that is already present as an aspect of your true nature.   All the tools of The Sedona Method, especially the 5th Way, open us to the power and abundance of the universe……and beyond!!   As Lester used to say,  "Try it, you'll like it."   Annrika

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Sedona Method Road Trip Releasing Tips

Sedona Method Road Trip Releasing Tips   One thing about road trips (and about life): expect change—isn’t that the most appealing feature of it all? TIP: stay open to whatever is unfolding before you. Notice if there’s any wanting to change—and let go!   My wife Annrika and I recently completed an enjoyable loop from Sedona to San Francisco, then over to Lake Tahoe and back home. A working vacation, we combined pleasure (we love scenic drives) with business (checking on some of our real estate & coaching from the road).    The last leg began in Bishop CA, on the east side of the Sierra Nevada. A jumping off point to the lower 48’s highest peak, Mt. Whitney, and only a couple hours from […]

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Greetings from Sedona, Arizona!

Greetings from Sedona! This is the beginning of a supportive, informative and fun exchange and sharing of thoughts, images and realizations dedicated to the mutual freedom of all!

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Welcome to our blog. Please check back soon for new entries.

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